By Sergey Erlikh

It doesn’t matter if you or your organization have any Salesforce experience or not, it is a good idea to visit the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre on April 12th!

Here are the reasons why:

1. Salesforce Economy will create 3.3 million new jobs by 2022

If you spend your professional career working for social impact organizations there is a high likelihood that you will find your next challenge in the Salesforce ecosystem. You may land at a job at the Salesforce Foundation, a Salesforce foundation partner or an end client. These jobs are starting to pop up throughout the Netherlands and this is only the beginning. (See the study report)

2. You have or are considering Salesforce…

Or maybe your organization is struggling with it’s existing CRM system. Come and discover what makes Salesforce CRM the world’s number one system for nonprofits. I am sure you will get a much better understanding after attending the event. Have any unanswered questions answered, and more.

3. Connect to your local community

One of the greatest values of getting into the Salesforce world is the power of the Salesforce community. In many cases, there are enthusiastic local folks who want to share knowledge, best practices and just have a friendly chat with peers from other organizations. Benelux User Groups have a dedicated booth at the World Tour. Come and chat with us about joining one of the local communities. We have Non-Profit User Groups in both The Netherlands and Belgium.

4. The Salesforce Foundation has dedicated sessions…

These sessions are focused on non-profits and educational institutions. Have a look at the program in advance, and make sure that you’re at the right place to get the benefit of the whole session. It’s a bit of a secret, but the biggest value you can is to interact with the speaker during or after the sessions. Try to connect to people who are involved in their organization, to bring Salesforce innovation, learn from them and ask to stay in touch (e.g. via LinkedIn) – the Salesforce journey never ends!

5. Enjoy the largest technology event in the Benelux…

…and dream about Dreamforce. It is impressive to experience the scale of this event. There is opportunity to meet a lot of new people, re-connect with old friends and learn, learn, learn. Take it easy by find your breaks to CHILL-OUT with a cup of coffee and interesting conversation. Was it is your first event? Why to not be a speaker for the next one?

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Sergey Erlikh

Sergey Erlikh

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